Motor neurone Disease Subconscious feelings are subconscious. Subconscious is below conscious awareness. Subconscious fear is not consciously noticed. Se fear is a subconscious feeling. Left brained people cannot explain subconscious fear effects: Recognising feelings requires developed right brain use. Se fear is fear of your surroundings. Se fear uses infinite Se. Stress is Ni fear. Anxiety is Se fear. Infinite Ni fear is throwing up. Infinite Ni fear is overproduction of saliva. Infinite Ni fear is sweating. Infinite Ni fear is faster breathing. Infinite Se fear is shaking. Infinite Se fear is a faster heartbeat. Infinite Se fear is headaches. Infinite Se fear is very slow conscious movement. Infinite Se fear is dizziness. Stress creates anxiety. Anxiety creates stress. Infinite stress triggers infinite anxiety. Infinite anxiety triggers infinite stress. Comfort is everything to you. Relaxation is everything to you. Avoiding uncomfortable places is everything to you.