Diabetes Every disease is psychological. Many diseases are developed by too much Se. (Se is doing) Diabetes attempts to naturally develop your Ni. Diabetes is caused by unresolved thoughts from bad events: Diabetes is caused by stress. Obviously diabetes is caused by eating to avoid unresolved thoughts. Overeating develops further Se: Se is overused to avoid Ni thoughts. Obviously resolving thoughts requires quiet time alone to think. Obviously the person must logic out how bad the event was. (This happens naturally (Automatically, subconsciously) simply by thinking the problem through on repeat) (Obviously the event becomes less painful over repetitive thought) Obviously injecting insulin is increasing Se. Obviously injecting insulin goes against natural Ni development. Obviously injecting insulin is making diabetes even worse: Obviously injecting insulin is slowly killing you: People must live relaxed lifestyles. Ni can begin healing after around 1 year of constant rest in bed. Developing Ni in bed can be boring: Suck it up, lay down and close your eyes.
Repetitive use of insulin has dramatically increased your Se. Se will take time to reduce. Se people constantly need to 'do'. Se people cannot rest. Se people require too much food. A truly balanced person only has around 1 meal a day.