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Charities are corruption. Cancer is solved. Diabetes is solved. Most diseases are solved. Every problem has a perfect solution. Corruption is your hellfire. Governments need hard-working people. Governments need progression. Governments are true flipping evil. Governments force people to work: Money is needed for everything. Your left brain is Se. Your right brain is Ni. Left brains use single logical thoughts. Right brains use feelings. Working requires extreme left brained people. Governments design left brained people. Left brained people live in unconscious hell: Bad feelings are felt without recognition. Good feelings are nonexistent. Developing Ni is every flipping thing. Reducing Se is every flipping thing. Ni develops with relaxation. Ni develops with calm activities. Ni develops with contemplation. Ni develops with zero stress. Ni develops with lots and lots of rest. Oversleeping makes you tired right? 'Oversleeping' switches you into right brain. Tiredness is your right brain telling you you need more rest. I am unbelievably furious. Your body is screaming for right brain use. Elite psychology has never been made public. snoozing.com is my release of elite psychology. Snoozing.com will develop your right brain.
Ni Ni stands for Introverted Intuition. (MBTI Ni is unrelated) Ni is patience. Ni is desire. (Ni desire is patient) (Ni desire is rewarding) (Ni desire is good feelings) (Se desire is hell). (Se desire is extremely top-heavy) (Se desire isn't selfish right?) Ni is doing nothing. Ni is thinking. Ni is imagination. Ni is relaxation. Ni is inaction. Playing board games is Ni. Building a boat without instructions is Ni. Sleeping is Ni. Lounging is ni. Music is ni. Painting is ni. Programming is ni. Photography is ni. Day dreaming is ni. Calmness is ni. Ni counters se. Ni counters cancer. Cancer attempts to naturally develop Ni.
Se Se stands for Extraverted Sensing. (MBTI Se is unrelated) Se is doing. Se is having. Se is action. Se is energy use. Se is running. Se is cleaning. Se is working. Extreme Se is exercising. Extreme Se is overeating. Extreme Se is working every day. Extreme Se is working all day. Extreme Se is inability to relax. Extreme Se is worrying. Se is balanced with Ni. Most people are extreme Se users.