Cancer Cancer symptoms are infinitely descriptive. Tiredness is your mind screaming for rest. Every disease is psychological. Children inherit cancer from parent's psychological subconscious problems. Breast cancer indicates subconscious desire for children: Subconscious desires are not conscious. Subconscious desires can feel in opposite to conscious thoughts. Left and right brains often work in opposites. Left brain is conscious. Right brain is subconscious. Breast cancer must be combated by laying in bed and contemplating. Testicular cancer is subconscious Se desire for sex. Testicular cancer must be combated by frequent masturbation + Ni development. Laying in bed and resting is Ni development. Doing nothing is Ni development. Se is the opposite of Ni. Se is stress. Se is overdoing. Se is action. Ni is everything to you. Chemotherapy is extreme Se injection. Chemotherapy combats Se with more Se. Top-heavy Se is extremely damaging to your health. Governments develop Se in everybody. Working develops extreme Se in everybody. Schools develop extreme Se in everybody. Work all day right? Work all week right? Eat 3 times a day right? Retirement is earned right? Universities know everything right? Cancer fatigue is unexplainable right? Cancer is top-heavy Se. Se desires. Se wants. Se is your suffering. People want money right? People must keep doing right? Governments don't require extreme Se people right? Governments are innocent right?
Pancreatic cancer is top-heavy Se food intake. Lung cancer is top-heavy Se. Bladder cancer is Se food intake. Stomach cancer is top-heavy Se after eating. Tongue cancer is top-heavy Se. Liver cancer is top-heavy Se. Heart cancer is top-heavy Se. Eye cancer is top-heavy Se.
Se fear is fear of your surroundings. Se fear develops higher Se in people. Se fear can be felt with Ni fear. Anticipating Se fear is Se and Ni fear. Se fear is conscious fear. Ni fear is subconscious fear. Se fear is conscious understanding. Ni fear is subconscious understanding. Governments develop extreme Se fear in people. News media develop extreme Se fear in people. Schools develop extreme Se fear in people. Advertisements develop extreme Se fear in people. Working develops extreme Se fear in people. Se fear is negatively countered with further Se development. Extreme Se cannot recognise Se fear. Overuse of Se develops higher Se. Top-heavy Se escapes Ni awareness. Ni thoughts are everything. Balance is everything. Reducing Se is everything to you. Developing Ni is everything to you.